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Looking for retired officers to employ in Bangladesh?

Looking for retired officers to employ in Bangladesh?

21 September, 2018

In Bangladesh, the defense forces officers retire at a very early age as the promotion to the top is very limited by the organizational structure. Therefore a lot of officer retire at the age of forty to forty five, but they remain competitive for say another 20 years. Their competence can be utilized for organizational development  various large companies in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world.
Therefore this site is a very niche site, where only the resume of defense forces officers are collected, who could be employed by organization in Bangladesh or from other countries in the world.
The retired officers from the defence forces are trained, hard working, reliable and competent. They have experiences in almost every branch of business activities from Administration, Maintenance, Training and Development, Human Capital Management; the whole gamut. They have proved by their hard work in different sectors of economic development activities in Bangladesh and abroad.
The large capital industries are constantly looking for competent top level management skillful persons in Bangladesh to fulfill their organization objectives. They may find to find suitable candidates to fill their respective vacant positions.


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